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31st March 2020


24th March 2020

16th March 2020


Since the COVID-19 Coronavirus outbreak, Gailarde have undergone a period of due diligence and have been actively engaging with our strategic suppliers and service providers to gain greater understanding of the risk within our supply chain.

Engaging with our supplier base, the general feedback is that of confidence in the continuity of supply as most factories are continuing to be up and running with a regular flow of staff.

Chinese New Year mitigated the impact of supplies from this affected region, as like most suppliers who source from China we planned ahead and increased stock levels prior to that local holiday period. Regarding future supply, manufacturers in China are now stating that deliveries will re-commence mid-April causing a month’s delay in our supply chain, this timeframe has also been confirmed in various communications with our shipping companies. I am pleased to report that our current stock levels will support our demands up to and beyond this point.

The spread of COVID-19 is now beginning to impact supplies across a wider geography and obviously the situation is live and evolving daily therefore we have spoken with all our UK suppliers also and have asked them to supply us with their comprehensive Coronavirus contingency plans.

We are fortunately in a position, if required, to convert much of our product range to alternative suppliers should we need to. We do not underestimate the need for ongoing analysis and research in order to mitigate risk further as the situation demands it. Gailarde will therefore continue to engage with our supply chain and monitor the situation closely.

Should the UK Government impose a general quarantine there will obviously be labour and financial risks to UK businesses. Here at Gailarde we have been fully aligned with the “Containment” phase and have advised all staff to follow the latest government guidelines, particularly in relation to adopting good hygiene practices. We continue to update our workforce to keep them fully informed on the changing situation and the latest advice. We are now applying our “Delay” action plan to ensure we continue to service our customers and the marketplace under these more challenging circumstances. With contingencies including working from home preparations, separation of operational teams and implementing alternative shift patterns.

There is no doubt that our capability will be affected should our own staff contract the virus. We have employed additional services from logistical partners who are now storing a level of product and are able to distribute on our behalf if our own operations do become restricted in any way.

The family here at Gailarde are committed to what we do and intent on serving our customers even in the most diverse and challenging of circumstances.


Richard Roston

Managing Director