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Gailarde launches new Luxury Brand Coze Linen

Posted by Emma Debson on

Welcome to the brand new world of Coze, a high quality home textiles brand that prides itself on the very best in luxury bed linen, toweling, pillows and duvets as well as a premium range of beautifully made blankets. 


A family history and a real passion for textiles that can trace itself back four generations lies at the heart of the linen brand Coze. Directors Ben and Dan Roston’s great-grandfather set up one of the first textiles business in the East End of London, and the British company’s core value of putting customers first has always remained unchanged even as the business has transformed with each generation. The present generation’s father Richard Roston created Gailarde, the parent company that now contains Coze among other brands. It was a natural progression from continually supplying to many of the UK’s most famous five-star establishments the very best pillows, duvets, towels and bed linen. 

Ben Roston saw something missing in the market for customers to purchase the quality Hotel quality Linens for their own home, and so Coze was born. The Coze collection boasts an exclusive range of luxury bed linen, luxury towels and blankets carefully selected based on their experience gained from supplying to the hotel industry for over 40 years. Setting up the new brand was a wise decision. By placing the customer first and focusing on customer service, fantastic products and pricing has seen the company now employing 50 members of staff with a turnover of approximately £10m per annum. All of this aside, it’s still very much a family company. ‘My Dad, brother and I are not only constantly training all our staff how to look after our valued customers,’ says Ben, ‘but we are also always available for any of them to speak directly to us.’

And the family does not stop when it comes to searching out the very best products the world has to offer. ‘Before launching Coze,’ says Ben, ‘we literally travelled the world to pick the very best pieces for our customers. My brother Daniel and I are constantly jetting off to explore new potential buying areas.’ Coze Duvets and pillows are filled with Pyrenean duck down, the best in the world and the reason Coze is committed to its longstanding partners in the foothills of the mountain region. Coze’s linen is woven in the Bay of Bengal, India in a relationship that has survived over four generations. Towels are made in the Aegean region of Turkey where the thread cotton is much longer and make softer, more absorbent bath towels. Coze’s woolen blankets are made in a Yorkshire mill dating back to 1783, and expertly woven to capture small pockets of insulation, making them blissfully light in weight but comfortingly indulgent. 

With a family history spanning more than 70 years, Coze are experts in sourcing the best craftsmanship and artisanal excellence across the globe with just one goal in mind - the ultimate quality for our customers.

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