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How to wash Towels to keep them fluffy

Posted by Sarah Heys on

How to keep your Towels at their best:

Towel Washing method:

To increase the longevity of your towels and ensure they stay fluffy, we recommend washing your towels on their own load (but don’t overload your machine, they need room to move around.) Wash your towels without other clothes in warm water (not too hot or too cold, around 40 degrees is perfect). Towels also often begin to feel more stiff when too much detergent is used, creating a build up so don’t be tempted to add more detergent than required.

Fixing Stiff Towels:

The secret to a super-fluffy towel is removing the soapy build up every so often. You can do this by using baking soda or vinegar. Every 1-2 months, replace your fabric softener with a cup of white vinegar or mix your detergent with one cup of baking soda to remove that soapy build up which is notorious for making Towels stiff and less-absorbent.

Towel Drying Method:

You’ve most probably heard that using a tumble-dryer is the best way to dry your towels, however drying towels can be costly and time-consuming! Too much heat can damage the fibres, so the best (and more economical way) to dry your towels is by air-drying them 90% and tumble-drying for the remaining 10%. Tennis Balls and Dryer Balls can also help soften up the fibres, both are equally as effective as eachother.

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