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"Hello, I wondered if you could help me. Are all of your products flame retardant?

Susan Greenwood - Bristol

"Hello Susan, If you are specifically looking for flame retardant Bedding, may I suggest you visit our FR category where all products are certified flame retardant to BS standards."

"Good Morning, I’m looking to buy a large quantity of duvet covers for a hotel, can you reccommend any?

Imran Khalid - London

“Good Morning Imran, thank you for your message. We supply a large number of hotels in London both large and small, our Polycotton Percale Linen is incrediby popular as is our 100% white cotton linen for finer establishments. Please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss further.”

"Hi Richard, I’ve just purchased some of your 100% Cotton Linen, what’s the best way to wash it please?

Charmaine Bell - Cheshire

"Hi Charmaine, We recommend you wash your new bedding before you use it. Be careful not to include any non-textile products as it may damage the fibres of the fabric. Also, allow your bed linen to dry naturally but if you have to tumble-dry, do it on a low heat and with plenty of room to manoeuvre.”

"Hello Richard, I have some high quality Linen in my holiday home, can you advise the best way to store it to keep it at it’s best?

Marcello Francis - Canterbury

"Hello Marcello, Storage is equally important for us here at Gailarde Sheets need to be able to breathe, so kept neatly in an airing cupboard is ideal, try not to store in plastic boxes as this can cause the sheets to ‘yellow.”

"How often do you recommend I change my sheets?

Daniel Hemmingway - Salford Quays

"Hello Daniel, sheets will improve with each wash and should be changed every week. Try to wash on a warm cycle and to dry naturally. If you tumble dry use a low heat. Use a light detergent and wash alone at 40 degrees. Try to avoid overloading the machine or washing with other fabrics such as Polyester.”

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